Program - Application Process

Stage 1: Contact the Metis Economic Development Fund to ensure your opportunity is eligible and to discuss additional funding opportunities available. Phone 204-589-0772 Toll Free 1-800-387-6004 or email to

Stage 2: Create a synopsis describing your opportunity; include any additional supporting documents (i.e. financial statements, contracts, offer to purchase, etc.)

Stage 3: Schedule an appointment with the Metis Economic Development Fund staff and potential partners.

Stage 5: Engage a third party consultant to complete a Business Plan outlining the objectives, scope, deliverables, outcomes, timeframe, costs and performance targets. Complete the appropriate application form (Equity Investment/Financing Application) and ensure your proposal includes all the information requested.

Stage 7: Submit a term sheet proposal to MEDF staff and complete a presentation to the MEDF Board of Directors.

The Process

Program Process