The Metis Economic Development Fund (MEDF) stimulates economic development in Manitoba by providing equity and/or debt financing to Metis businesses and entrepreneurs by creating equity investment partnerships. MEDF concentrates on businesses and entrepreneurs which are in growth, expansion, or acquisition phases. The Fund may also invest in start-up ventures when the viability of the business outweighs the increased investment risk.

Therefore MEDF seeks to:

  1. Invest in growth, expansion or mature stage companies active in Manitoba if a viable business plan is submitted for a start-up entity, funding may be granted
  2. Investment leverage; MEDF will seek to assure itself that there is evidence of other outside shareholders (co-investors) and/or financial institutions are also financially committed to the business venture
  3. Invest mainly in the form of equity (such as common shares or preferred shares); or a hybrid of debt and equity (such as convertible debt). It is expected that the majority of investments will be form of equity or subordinated debt
  4. Monitor & Support: Consistent and regular monitoring process


Maximum MEDF ownership is 35% of the fair value of the corporation. Valuation of the business opportunity will be determined by a qualified third party (typically a Chartered Accountant with a Charter Business Valuator (CBV) designation) or as agreed by both parties.

Minimum Metis Entrepreneur ownership is 20% of the fair value of the corporation and together with other Metis shareholders or MEDF should be a minimum Metis ownership of 51%. Contact one of the MEDF representatives to discuss in greater detail.

Investment Amounts

Investment is available from $20,000 to $500,000 per opportunity. Within the investment portfolio, MEDF categorizes each investment into two portfolios based on investment amounts; Micro-Investment between $20,000 - $100,000 and Investment $100,001 - $500,000.

Time Horizon

MEDF anticipates an investment period between 3 to 7 years depending on the type of business; however the maximum holding period will be 10 years.

Who is eligible for MEDF Investment?

The Fund will be available to all Metis owned and controlled enterprises incorporated in Manitoba. Applicants will need to demonstrate their Metis Heritage via genealogy.

Investing requirements

MEDF requires the following in order to consider an opportunity available for investment:

  • Metis controlled Incorporated businesses within Manitoba
  • Well defined market with high growth potential and an experienced well-balanced management team communicated through a business plan
  • Max investment will be the lessor of $500,000 or 35% of the fair value of the company

Investment Characteristics

MEDF will look to invest in companies that exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Clearly defined exit strategy
  • Upholding uncompromising standards of excellence

Forms of investment

MEDF invests capital in the form of equity and/or quasi-equity to Manitoba Metis businesses. The Funds investment and ownership is formalized through the following financial instrument(s):

  • Common and/or preferred shares
  • Convertible preferred shares
  • Convertible debentures
  • Subordinate debt
  • Other as agreed to by MEDF


MEDF will not be participating in the guaranteeing of loans on behalf of investee companies in order to minimize risk for the financial institution.

Please complete and submit the Investing application and Personal Statement of Affairs application below and submit to or 340-150 Henry Ave, Winnipeg MB R3B 0J7.