Salisbury House

Winnipeg, MB, November 2017: Metis Economic Development Fund (MEDF Inc.) is pleased to announce that we have successfully completed our investment into Salisbury House Restaurants.

The Client

The Salisbury House restaurant chain has been serving quality food for 86 years in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Known locally as "Sals" the chain is considered an iconic Winnipeg institution.

The first Salisbury House restaurant opened in downtown Winnipeg in 1931 by founder Ralph Erwin, who named his new eatery after the Salisbury Steak. Erwin was not fond of the term "hamburger" so he named his now famous burger a "Nip" making reference to a small "nip" or "bite'" of Salisbury Steak, our specialty.

Our Legacy

There are 8 Full Service Family Restaurant locations which are open 24 hours and 3 Sals Xpress Restaurants. Sals also operates seasonal locations at 2 Major Winnipeg Sports Stadiums, 2 Community Golf Courses, as well as at the Health Sciences Centre which is the largest Hospital complex in Winnipeg.

"Serving quality food for 86 years!"

"MEDF was absolutely critical at our ability to making Salisbury House Manitoba owned, and also Metis owned!"

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