Success Stories

Success Stories



  • Transcona Roofing

    Transcona Roofing

    Metis Economic Development Fund (MEDF Inc.) is pleased to announce that we have successfully completed our investment into Transcona Roofing.

    Established in 1959, we are a full-service roofing and waterproofing contractor dedicated to building long term relationships with our customers through the installation, repair, & maintenance of industrial, commercial & institutional buildings.

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  • HUB Technology Solutions

    HUB Technology Solutions

    Metis Economic Development Fund (MEDF Inc.) is pleased to announce that we have successfully completed our investment into HUB Technology Solutions.

    HUB Technology Solutions was first started as a part-time venture back in 1989. As the company grew over the years, it fostered a company culture of smart, caring people who share their same passion for building long lasting relationships with clients, understanding their objectives, and improving their business with high-quality, meaningful IT solutions and services.

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  • Salisbury House

    Salisbury House

    Metis Economic Development Fund (MEDF Inc.) is pleased to announce that we have successfully completed our investment into Salisbury House Restaurants.

    The Salisbury House restaurant chain has been serving quality food for 86 years in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Known locally as "Sals" the chain is considered an iconic Winnipeg institution.

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  • Nonsuch Brewing Co.

    Nonsuch Brewing Co.

    Metis Economic Development Fund (MEDF Inc.) is pleased to announce that we have successfully completed our investment into Nonsuch Brewing Company.

    Nonsuch Brewing Co. is a micro-brewery crafting beer in the heart of Winnipeg founded in 2016.

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  • Voyageur Internet

    Voyageur Internet

    Voyageur Internet's partnership with MEDF brings key equity to the capital intensive business of building more towers connecting Manitoban homes and businesses with reliable high capacity Internet service. Our partnership with MEDF is valuable as Voyageur seeks new growth opportunities throughout Manitoba - thank you to the team at MEDF!

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  • Covert Logistics

    Covert Logistics

    Partnering with MEDF has had many benefits. They helped us realize all our expansion plans by securing the financing needed. Their knowledge and expertise not only aided in the expansion itself but has been invaluable moving forward. With the MEDF's continued support, our business has grown and profited. They introduced us to a number of great Metis programs that will assist us in the future. We look forward to continued growth with MEDF in future opportunities.

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  • EnerPure


    The Metis Economic Development Fund investment is an exciting step in the growth of EnerPure as we move towards global deployment of our micro-refinery technology. This support from MEDF has allowed us to complete the required engineering work for our project to progress into the manufacturing phase.

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Investing Exit

  • Security Glass Ltd.

    Security Glass Ltd.

    MEDF initially invested with Security Glass Ltd. to bring tempered glass capabilities to the company in 2014. As the company continued to grow, additional complimentary innovative products such as ceramic enamel frits were launched. Basically ceramic frits are finely ground glass mixed with inorganic pigments to produce a desired color. The coated glass is then heated to about 1,150°F, fusing the frit to the glass surface, which produces a ceramic coating almost as hard and tough as the glass itself. The company has been producing these premium custom pieces for many local clients as this capability clearly differentiates the company from all its competitors on the Prairies.

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  • Labels Unlimited

    Labels Unlimited

    When I needed financial assistance to expand my business, I went directly to Metis Economic Development Fund and Louis Riel Capital Corporation. Securing financing helped me expand my business. I highly recommend MEDF and LRCC to other businesses looking to partner with a local community lender that understands the needs of the community.
    Larry Chartrand - GM

  • Jameson Enterprises Inc.

    I have worked with Louis Riel Capital Corporation for several years and more recently with Metis Economic Fund. In both instances they have made great effort to help me secure capital in order to complete my projects. The staff from the top managers to the administrators have all been very helpful and respectful. On many occasions they have went out of their way to be flexible with my requests and needs, all while maintaining a professional manner. I look forward to working with them in the near and distant future.
    James A.

  • Manitobah Mukluks

    Manitobah Mukluks

    As a Metis entrepreneur, it was great to work with another Metis organization for business support and funding. MEDF staff was really knowledgeable and accommodating. I look forward to working with them on future projects.